• Supra MKIV Tee
  • Supra MKIV Tee
  • Supra MKIV Tee
  • Supra MKIV Tee

The Supra MKIV was built to be a street legal race car. It was the last of Toyota’s true sports cars and the last one to feature Toyota’s amazing racing pedigree. The MKIV is further special in the fact that the brakes on the car are a feat of engineering in and of themselves. They held the 100–0 stopping distance for many years until it was broken by the Carrera GT. It is quite the underrated car in many aspects and epitomizes what a true sports car of the 90s was. Many assume that the Supra is only popular because of the move "Fast & The Furious". True car enthusiasts understand what it was, and is capable of. 


Washed Grey

Single Stitched

Relaxed Fit

100% Cotton

Made in Los Angeles 

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once upon a time...

somewhere in tokyo

dekotora (デコトラ)

The Goat.

Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

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the final shot

never forgotten

game changer

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